I planned on doing my final podcast episode on how much things have changed now that we have a two year old (almost). This stage is not for the weak! There isn’t a lot of rest and a whole lot of tasks that need doing but they can’t get done because Mum had to wrangle the toddler at the same time. Lots of running around. Lots of stress to the point where I get really overwhelmed and have to just accept that things won’t be done perfectly (if at all). I read an article the other day that said stress is frustration over trying to control things. There are lots of things I try to control and it stresses me to no end. How to not want control? Pick your battles, I guess. If the kid wants to run around in just a nappy before dinner, fine. If I drop a sock and it doesn’t get into the wash, fine. If bedtime isn’t exactly the same time each night, so be it. Life is messy and trying to keep it clean will just frustrate me.