• An update for August 2021

    I guess this update is just to mention that having a toddler is a full time job. I’ve started feeling that even picking up my phone is spending time away from my son. (He takes the thing out of my hand most of the time anyway.) I’ve tried to keep some of my me things on the agenda but getting to Slimming World or the gym is just impossible. I guess I have the option still, but I’m trying to get less disappointed when I can’t leave the house for things I have scheduled for myself. I was able to go to the osteotherapist the other day, which was a godsend. Next week I have to go to the eye doctor as well, so fingers crossed I can make that appointment too. (Trying to work with contacts that cause major eye irritation isn’t ideal.) Writing is out of the question. Reading is out of the question. Bullet journalling is manageable if I do short, quick sessions. Blogging? If I have time when Jack naps. Podcasting? Not really.
    If I go out of the house, it’s for work. We tried doing some family fun activities and it just ends in lots of tears and a lot of not enjoying ourselves because Jack is upset and frustrated. So if you have a friend who is a mother and you don’t see or hear from her much anymore. It’s not because they don’t want to keep in touch, it’s because all they have the mental energy and time for is being at home to wrangle a toddler.

  • Rest and recovery

    I’m grateful for the nice weather today (73F!) so I can sit outside and let these two play. After a doctor’s visit who said Jack was fine, then an urgent call from nursery the Monday after that lead to a trip to the hospital, we need the time out. Jack has tonsillitis and I have a cold. Steve’s had his 2nd jab and we’re all just at home, per usual, making the most of it. I’m glad I haven’t been taking him to swim lessons lately because he’s been so cranky and not sleeping well (which means I am not sleeping well). He’s on antibiotics and Calphol to keep the fever down. Then waiting an hour before he can have some milk or something to eat. He hates the antibiotics as well, so we get him to swallow what we can. He has throat spray to numb it before he eats too. Poor baby is still wanting to play and seems to be feeling better, thankfully.

  • Focus

    I spilled my Starbucks coffee the other day. I took Jack out of the stroller to get him in the car and the whole thing tipped over. Coffee gone. I had had two sips of it, max, because we still wear masks in the mall so I couldn’t walk around sipping coffee and enjoying my life. It was a day where Jack wasn’t feeling well and was having tantrum after tantrum. He didn’t want snacks because he hadn’t been eating much at all. Wasn’t interested in walking in his little backpack leash thing, and just wanted me to hold him. We did get him some new, properly fitted shoes, at Clarks though. But the coffee was just for me to treat myself and when it spilled I knew that I needed to just stop trying to do other things not on the list. It sounds silly but plenty of mothers feel the same way. There is such a desire for something of your own (for me it’s, writing, bullet journalling, blogging, reading, exercising, doing my Avon) and it just isn’t going to happen. It’s not even a case of time completely, it’s a case of it just not being worth the endeavour. It’s like when we planned on going out for Steve’s birthday. We were going to have breakfast together in town while Jack was at nursery. Instead we had to take him to a Covid testing centre because he had a fever. Our little whims aren’t on the list of importance and as much as I try to work around it, I’m just going to have to accept that I’m it in to win it with this #MumLife thing.

  • Sunny bank holiday

    If it’s one thing I’ve learned about being British it’s that we don’t squander our nice weather days. Even when the sun attempts to peek out, we are outside, ready for summer. For the last couple of days we’ve been making the most of the 66F degree weather, which doesn’t sound like much to a Floridian (heck, that’s autumn temperatures) but over here it means we are comfortable outside without a coat. Thursday we went on our first date together since before Jack was born, Friday we took him to Tynemouth Aquarium finally, Saturday we took a walk to The Baltic and had lunch on the Quayside. Today Jack had a bit of a cough and a snotty nose so we skipped swim lessons and stayed home. Steve went to the allotment this morning while Jack, Daisy, and I played in the back garden. Sunblock was required!

  • Down on the Farm

    We visited Down on the Farm today. Nice little place with animals and play areas for kids. Jack is still a bit too little for all of that but he liked waving to the other kids. He waves to the animals too, which is adorable. We saw little pigs, goats, sheep, deer, meerkats, alpacas, cows, a donkey, and a tortoise. We even took a tractor ride to the top of the hill and had a lovely view all the way to The Pennines. Just a nice morning out and only stayed an hour or so. This included much needed hanging out time by the cafe with a hot drink. I totally recommend it.


  • Self isolation March 2021

    I had to self isolate at the beginning of February and now Jack has to self isolate for the first two weeks of March. This means we’ve been at home a lot. I’ve been trying to keep a (now) 14 month old and a goldendoodle content from 6AM to 8:30PM. It’s exhausting, yes, especially when we can’t even go out for walks or drives. I enjoy being home with them though and I’m honestly sad that the prospect of life going back to “normal” may start within a few months.

  • Still. At. Home.

    Today is one of those days. I’m tired of being at home. I’m sick of not being able to take the baby anywhere, or go anywhere as a family. It’s been snowing for days and it’s lovely to see from the warmth of the house, but, wow, this is just frustrating. Lockdown won’t be over anytime soon, I’m sure, and I’m running out of ideas for how to keep Jack entertained. I just hope he enjoys being home with us. At least Daisy has been able to enjoy the snow.

  • What did I do before?

    I’ve been sitting here, listening to the rain, in the spare room on the computer while Jack sleeps in his room. I’m trying to remember what I did before he showed up in my life. How did I spend my time? Did I watch TV? Did I sleep? I honesly can’t remember what my evenings we like before we had him.

  • Writing keeps the boredom away

    This is going to sound really dumb, but it took me until this year to realize that people are creative to ward off boredom. I was always so incredibly bored all the time and it’s a horrible feeling. I had read that smart people don’t get bored because they always think of things to do, so now I keep trying to write because, otherwise, I am bored out of my ever-loving skull if I’m not looking after Jack.

  • Snow in the New Year

    This morning we were greeted with snow. Steve took Daisy for a walk and I took Jack on the back patio to experience the snowflakes falling on him. He seemed happy and interested in this, so I figure he’ll be a proper snow lover like Steve. This weekend is Steve’s last couple of relaxing days before he’s back to work. I’m guessing we’ll be staying in. https://suzanne.micro.blog

  • Mall picnic

    Because it’s 2020, we had to eat our lunch on the floor at the mall. It’s freaky how everything is closed off and empty inside but it’s a relief that plenty of people are outside in the main shopping areas, just carrying on. The mall wasn’t swamped with people but it was still busy. I’ve heard that malls are a thing of the past in America but, luckily, we’re still able to enjoy them over here.

  • It’s almost Christmas and Mister Pick is off work. We’re officially calling it time to celebrate as Jack’s 1st visit from Santa and his 1st birthday are coming up this month. We’ll make a conscious effort to have fantastic Christmas despite everything that’s gone on in the world this year. https://suzanne.micro.blog/

  • 25 sleeps until Christmas

    Jack turned 11 months old yesterday and I’m sort of freaking out about him being a year old soon (and no longer a baby!) I’ve kept him in our room in a mini cot because I didn’t want him all alone at night. This week I’ve finally started seeing if he’ll sleep in his big boy cot and I do not like it at all. In the daytime, we’ve still been taking walks and just trying to carry on as we get ready for Christmas. https://suzanne.micro.blog/

    Cullercoats Beach

  • I’ve been working on my Christmas list and, honestly, I only want stationery and planners. I’ve lost weight since having Jack (thank you, Slimming World), so I don’t want clothes yet, except maybe pjs. Besides, we can’t go anywhere these days anyway so lounge wear is all I need.

  • Today was my third Keeping in Touch day at work. I did a Saturday library shift for the first time since December. With Covid, lots of procedures have changed, so it feels weird walking into the set up midstream while everyone else has dealt with it as it progressed. #librarylife

  • Jack’s been doing well with a schedule. He slept through the night last night but that was after a lot of fussing. Tonight I eased him into it and he did much better. Here’s to another night of snoozing. 🤞🏻 Also, walking and Fit Adventures has been my exercise of choice lately.

  • Since it was rainy and windy again today, Jack and I took another car ride. This time we went to Beamish and back. I miss that place so much. I also found out that Taco Bell delivers, so that was our dinner. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. 🌮

  • Jack and I took a ride in the car today since it was raining. We drove out past The Angel and around where our old flat was. I still miss that area. I’d move back if we could ever get a nice house there. Daisy and I went to the park, chatted to the other dogs, and got rained on.

  • Yesterday was a good day for Florida and The Space Coast. My Dad took this photo from the backyard. The house is about 18 miles away from the launch pad. Florida does have its perks. We still don’t know if we’ll visit in September or not. I miss it, but we have to be safe.

  • The last two days, we’ve enjoyed the sunshine by taking walks around the neighbourhood. Today we went 2 miles to the Quayside and I got 12 activity points for the day. I wonder when WW and Slimming World will be meeting again. I could use the motivation.

  • The key to keeping the day interesting and not completely repetitive and boring is to have at least something different each day. Some days I make that acheivement and some daya I don’t. I don’t leave the house every day though because there are only a few places to actually go.

  • Today is our first day of unlimited exercise. It hailed this morning. I find that quite fitting. My back is still hurting, and my knees are still numb. Jack slept better last night so maybe soon I can do proper exercise again if I know I’ll be able to rest the night after.

  • Friday is a bank holiday to coincide with VE Day. It’s supposed to be 69F today. Maybe Jack and I will take a ride or a walk in the pram. I have exercise classes and a bike to ride. I could jog again but I’m sort of tied up in mommy-ing. At least Mister Pick isn’t working today.

  • This is my first post. Jack and I are still trying to find things to do during lockdown. We go for walks, we take rides in the car, we play with the baby gym, we read books, and take naps. But he doesn’t want to sleep in his cot at night, so we’re struggling. We’ll keep trying.

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