Today was supposed to be the day Jack celebrated his birthday early at nursery before Christmas break. It’s something we’d had planned for weeks and something I was looking forward for him because last year he just had us. This morning I put him in his “2” T-shirt, got his cake ready, Steve took him to nursery only to find out that some of the staff had Covid and Jack had to come back home. Disappointed doesn’t even cover it because I just want him to have normal, happy occasions and this virus keeps interfering. It’s one thing that we can’t see our families but now my kid can’t even have a party at school. I’m thankful that he doesn’t have Covid, that we’ve started our Christmas break together, and everyone is safe and healthy. Maybe he can do his party at the beginning of the year. At least he’s too little to really know what’s going on. I feel bad for the teachers who are now stuck in self isolation over the holiday though. I can’t imagine that disappointment as well.