• Rest and recovery

    I’m grateful for the nice weather today (73F!) so I can sit outside and let these two play. After a doctor’s visit who said Jack was fine, then an urgent call from nursery the Monday after that lead to a trip to the hospital, we need the time out. Jack has tonsillitis and I have a cold. Steve’s had his 2nd jab and we’re all just at home, per usual, making the most of it. I’m glad I haven’t been taking him to swim lessons lately because he’s been so cranky and not sleeping well (which means I am not sleeping well). He’s on antibiotics and Calphol to keep the fever down. Then waiting an hour before he can have some milk or something to eat. He hates the antibiotics as well, so we get him to swallow what we can. He has throat spray to numb it before he eats too. Poor baby is still wanting to play and seems to be feeling better, thankfully.

  • Down on the Farm

    We visited Down on the Farm today. Nice little place with animals and play areas for kids. Jack is still a bit too little for all of that but he liked waving to the other kids. He waves to the animals too, which is adorable. We saw little pigs, goats, sheep, deer, meerkats, alpacas, cows, a donkey, and a tortoise. We even took a tractor ride to the top of the hill and had a lovely view all the way to The Pennines. Just a nice morning out and only stayed an hour or so. This included much needed hanging out time by the cafe with a hot drink. I totally recommend it.


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